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Language Lessons
September 30, 2008, 9:19 pm
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The other night, Miles and I crossed the field that seperates my in-laws home from ours.  I noticed one of the cows was eating and told Miles to say ‘hello to the cow.’

“Bull,” he responded.

“Ok,” I said, “say ‘hello’ to the bull.”

“Hello,” greeted Miles.

“Say it loud, like a cow,” I encouraged.

“Moooooo!” yelled my son.

I’m sure I learned from that exchange than he did.


September 20, 2008
September 21, 2008, 2:20 am
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Miles and Mimi's arm.

Tonight I cooked dinner for Rachel, Miles and her parents.  And I’m pretty sure an outside observer would think that this kid gets whatever he wants.

Ver batim exchange between Miles and his mother tonight during a family dinner:

Miles: “Crackers.”

Rachel: “Finish your noodles, you can have some animal crackers.”

Miles finishes noodles.

Miles: “Crackers.”

Rachel: “Ok…letsee…how many should I give you?”

Miles: “Twenty.”

Miles from Home
September 15, 2008, 4:05 am
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Okay, so I just wanted to post something here to let anyone who may be interested in know what I want this site to do.  It’s just a place for a parent…or parents…to share stories.

For example.  Last Friday there was a fire in west Hood River on Sunday that shutdown I-84 for quite some time.  This normally wouldn’t have been an issue except for the following:

1) I had left work early that day to drive with Rachel and Miles to The Dalles to visit her grandpa.

2) I purposely left my iPhone at home as to give my family my undivided attention (I’m easily distracted).

3) I knew it would be a quick trip…ha…and decided not to eat anything before we left the house.

Four hours later I was a raging, hungry mess that would make The Incredible Hulk a little skiddish.  Miles, bless his soul, was doing his best to keep it together.  But a 22-month-old hangs on by a very thin thread when he’s been strapped in a five-point-harness for two hours with nothing to eat but a thin fruit bar.  And that was the last of the food in the car besides a half-eaten box of Altoids.  What’s a stuck-in-traffic family to do? Luckily we had just bought a U-bake Hawaiian pizza. Miles took care of every slice of pineapple for the following hour and we ate a delicious Canadian Bacon pie for dinner.  Miles announced that he was both “messy” and “greasy.”

And if I had brought my phone I would’ve gotten the message from a fellow employee alerting me to the interstate shutdown.

The start of a great weekend.