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Miles Unleashed
November 20, 2008, 3:44 am
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I’ve discovered a few things lately.  First and foremost, I had one of my most sure-fire Dad moments recently.  I walked out of Toys R Us with an armful, as well as a large, brightly colored box.  As I opened the trunk to the car to despot the parcels, I realized just how cool it is to go  Christmas shopping for our son.  I know exactly what it means to say you want your children to have everything.  Granted, Rachel had to pull me kicking and screaming from the Star Wars section, but c’mon — they had the Lego Melinium Falcon there.

Today, Rachel took Miles to the vet.  That sounds weird.  Let me clearify.  Miles went with Rachel to the vet to fill Edgar’s prescription.  While they were paying, Miles shouted “mouse!”  This seemingly random exclamation caused the clerk to, as Rachel put it, ‘jump out of her skin, screaming “where?  where?”  Miles then pointed at the small, corded Microsoft mouse connected to her computer.

He’s becoming more and more talkative with each passing moment.  Around the lobby of the vets office, several onlookers were treated to Miles pointing out the following:

“Kitty…meow…deer…mouse…lady comin’…pay…tiger…” and then as a woman was texting someone, Miles walked up, pointed at her phone and said “ipod.”

On a real heartwarming note, he climbed up in our bed after Rachel got him up from what I assume was a nightmare, and annouced, “Daddy home.  Mommy home.  Edgar home.  Audrey home.  Mia home.”


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