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Two Things
February 26, 2009, 4:59 am
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One: I felt baby-yet-to-named kick a couple nights ago. There’s nothing quite like it. I guess in some ways, it makes it even more real. I don’t live with an ever-expanding tummy every day like my bride…wait…I guess I kinda do. For totally different reasons. Regardless, it’s a sublime feeling to know that in a few short months I’ll be a father again and Miles will be an older brother. He’s going to excel in that role.

Two: Miles and I made a trip to Golf Etc. today and I bought him his first real golf club. He knocked a ball into the plastic cup they have on the artificial putting green at the shop and yelled “GO IN THE HOLE!” The owners got a great laugh. He took it home. Hit plastic, practice balls around the living room while watching The Accenture Match Play World Championship for a couple hours (didn’t want to eat or bathe…just wanted to play golf). He told me that “Miles plays like Tiger.” Then we “calmed down” to some Baby Einstein and he took his club to bed with him. He’s holding it right tight right now in his crib. It is adorable.


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